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The Edmonton Galleria Project

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We shared information, water and popcorn with hundreds of people last week at Enterprise Square. The overwhelming majority shared their interest and enthusiasm for the project.

Imagine a place in downtown Edmonton where thousands of people come every day to be involved, entertained and engaged. This is the essence of the Edmonton Galleria Project, which is an incredible opportunity to bolster Edmonton’s cultural, academic and downtown vibrancy.

The Edmonton Galleria Project will be built in phases. Phase I will include the University of Alberta’s Department of Music & Department of Art and Design, a 200-seat recital hall and a 650-seat proscenium theatre/concert hall.



A view of the Galleria Project looking north along 99 Street from Jasper Avenue.
An artist's conception of the inside of the Galleria.
Another concept of what the interior of the Galleria may look like.
An example of a Galleria - the Sony Centre, PotsDamer Platz in Berlin.
Another example of a Galleria - Galleria Vittorio in Milan.

Potential of Cultural Trust is Enormous

Phase I of the Edmonton Galleria Project includes launching a Cultural Trust. The mandate of the Trust is to support the arts in Edmonton for generations to come. Many people have asked us how this will be done.

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Self-sufficient Funding

Once built, rental and parking income will provide the cash flow needed to service debt, operate and maintain the facilities, and fund the Galleria Cultural Trust.

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What People Are Saying

Dave Cunningham, the interim Executive Director of The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta, supports the Edmonton Galleria Project: “The Edmonton Galleria Project would contribute a huge piece to Edmonton’s vibrant downtown puzzle. I think it’s particularly smart to bring U of A fine art students into the city core. Their presence will help animate the downtown and make it a safer place to be. And all those performance spaces will help bring the city centre alive. On any given night you might have four downtown performances all within walking distance of one another. I’m particularly interested to see the Cultural Trust will be used to support the Edmonton arts community in the future.”