Edmonton Downtown Academic

The Edmonton Galleria Project

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Imagine a place in downtown Edmonton where thousands of people come every day to be involved, entertained and engaged. This is the essence of the Edmonton Galleria Project, which is an incredible opportunity to bolster Edmonton’s cultural, academic and downtown vibrancy. We want to hear what you think and clarify any parts of the project that may be unclear to you.

A site plan showing a underground connection from City Hall.
A view of the Galleria Project looking north along 99 Street from Jasper Avenue.
An artist's conception of the inside of the Galleria.
Another concept of what the interior of the Galleria may look like.
An example of a Galleria - the Sony Centre, PotsDamer Platz in Berlin.
Another example of a Galleria - Galleria Vittorio in Milan.

Accessibility of Galleria Theatres

Accessibility to the Edmonton Galleria Project performing arts theatres is frequently brought up in conversations that we have with artists, arts groups, university faculty and students, and others. From the outset, accessibility has been a key issue for us, especially the accommodation of smaller, local arts groups and artists.

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The Edmonton Galleria Project supports City Council’s desire to revitalize downtown Edmonton and complements, strengthens and enhances the existing Arts District.

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What People Are Saying

Crystal Graham, Principal at Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd., supports the Edmonton Galleria Project: “This is a game-changer. It will bring solid economic benefits and raise the quality of life in Edmonton. To protect the future and prosperity of future generations, we need to attract and retain talented people. By diversifying our economy through world-class art, culture and education, the Galleria Project can help to make our city more vibrant, more attractive, and more loveable for all.”