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The Edmonton Galleria Project

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Gathering Place event photo

People we’ve talked to this week at our downtown event are very interested in the project. We’re at Churchill Square this Thursday and Friday.

Imagine a place in downtown Edmonton where thousands of people come every day to be involved, entertained and engaged. This is the essence of the Edmonton Galleria Project, which is an incredible opportunity to bolster Edmonton’s cultural, academic and downtown vibrancy.

The Edmonton Galleria Project will be built in phases. Phase I will include the University of Alberta’s School of Music & Department of Art and Design, a 200-seat recital hall and a 650-seat proscenium theatre/concert hall. Concept sketches and other details will be released in the near future.


A site plan showing a underground connection from City Hall.
A view of the Galleria Project looking north along 99 Street from Jasper Avenue.
An artist's conception of the inside of the Galleria.
Another concept of what the interior of the Galleria may look like.
An example of a Galleria - the Sony Centre, PotsDamer Platz in Berlin.
Another example of a Galleria - Galleria Vittorio in Milan.

A People Gathering Destination

One of the contributions of the Edmonton Galleria Project is making downtown a more attractive place to visit, meet, work, socialize and live. Having 10,000+ more students, musicians and artists, employees, consumers and visitors daily in the core will make it significantly more vibrant.

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The large majority of funding for the Edmonton Galleria Project is coming from private contributions and sources.

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What People Are Saying

Martin Garber-Conrad, CEO of the Edmonton Community Foundation, supports the Edmonton Galleria Project: “We need to be more ambitious in what we build. The Edmonton Galleria Project has the potential to provide much-needed space not only now, but down the road. These arts spaces will enhance UAlberta’s world-class status as it will attract better events and more well-known people. Right now is the right time for downtown development.”