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Imagine a place in downtown Edmonton where thousands of people come every day to be involved, entertained and engaged. This is the essence of the Edmonton Galleria, which is an incredible opportunity to bolster Edmonton’s cultural, academic and downtown vibrancy.

New Year, New Look

We are starting the new year with a new look and name that reflects our evolution and project maturity. A revised website is coming soon. 2016 promises to be an exciting year for us. We hope you will continue to follow our journey.


Phase One U of A view from Galleria - web size

An artist’s concept of the Galleria plaza looking west to the planned University of Alberta building.

Microsoft Word Edmonton Galleria Site Plan 10

The Edmonton Galleria includes four new performing arts theatres. Click for an enlarged view.










































A concept image of the new U of A building, looking west, as viewed from the Galleria.
Another rendering of the new U of A building, as viewed from the west across 101 Street.
An aerial view of the Galleria Project, looking from the southeast.
Another concept of what the built-out interior of the Galleria may look like.
An example of a Galleria - the Sony Centre, PotsDamer Platz in Berlin.

Two Music Departments in Downtown Edmonton

The Music Departments of MacEwan University and the University of Alberta will both benefit by being close to each other in the downtown. MacEwan and the University of Alberta have already been working together for many years and this will bring their complementary programs even closer together.

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Non-profit Foundation leads Edmonton Galleria

The Edmonton Galleria Foundation is leading development of the Edmonton Galleria. The public foundation is a community led and community driven not-for-profit organization. To date the group has raised $50M in pledged contributions from private donors.

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What People Are Saying

Brian Webb, the Artistic Director of the Brian Webb Dance Company, supports the Edmonton Galleria Project: “The Edmonton Galleria Project allows for a much greater diversity of theatre, dance and music experiences. It will further develop Edmonton’s strong and secure performing arts community and it will drive people together. The project is a creative response to Edmonton’s growing diversity and sophistication.”