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The Edmonton Galleria Project

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Imagine a place in downtown Edmonton where thousands of people come every day to be involved, entertained and engaged. This is the essence of the Edmonton Galleria Project, which is an incredible opportunity to bolster Edmonton’s cultural, academic and downtown vibrancy. We want to hear what you think and clarify any parts of the project that may be unclear to you.

City of Edmonton's Commitment and Risk

There has been a lot of news coverage and commentary concerning what the City of Edmonton’s commitment and associated risks are concerning the Edmonton Galleria Project. We invited you to read the facts...

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The Edmonton Galleria Project will create a self-funding Galleria Cultural Trust, an additional funding source for arts facilities and programs in Edmonton.

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What People Are Saying

Jared Smith, co-founder of Incite Marketing, supports the Edmonton Galleria Project: “This kind of opportunity comes around once in a lifetime and we need to rally for it. The Edmonton Galleria Project will make downtown more livable—it will breathe life into the city. We want a core that attracts people from around the world. This initiative will build Edmonton for the future.”